Data Hosting:

Our custom health informatics platform utilizes a centralized secure server as well as a cloud hosted linkage environment and secure file transfer protocols for its data infrastructure. It creates a highly scalable platform for data exchange and integration. It utilizes HIPAA compliant privacy preserving record linkage.


At BESTMED, PCORnet’s selected privacy-protecting linkage solution by Datavant® is used to securely link patient data from all study sites to prepare the de-duplicated analytical patient cohort. This allows study sites to share fully de-identified datasets using the expert determination method and to identify unique individuals shared between sites.

The BESTMED data network is built on a foundation of data standardization, mapping, transformation, and rule-based quality controls. It seamlessly integrates data from various sources, employing standardized data review and verification processes. To guarantee consistency, structured data extraction and transformation approaches are provided to all data collaborators. The data platform implements data quality checks for key variables and covariates, as well as clinical coding standards. Additionally, it has a validated and maintained data dictionary and robust data governance.

Analytics And Data Science:

The data platform has statistical, analytics and visual tools and data analysts available to derive healthcare outcomes insights and to make advancements in research. Statistical tools include SAS, SQL, Python and R. Data science services include causal inference, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and data mining.