We are fortunate to have a BESTMED Study Stakeholder Advisory Board that provides feedback on all aspects of study design, analysis and interpretation. The BESTMED Stakeholder Advisory Board includes a) patients and caregivers from healthcare delivery institutions participating in the study; b) patient advocates; c) representatives of medical societies and d) payors. Stakeholder Advisory Board meets on a regular basis to review BESTMED study progress, findings and conclusions, and advises the study investigators on the impact of the findings on stakeholder communities and their dissemination.

BESTMED Stakeholder Advisory Board Members
Member Representing
Alex Ding Payors
Dave Dixon Academic societies
Robert Hottin Patients
Judge C. Victor Lander Patients
Neal Lindeman Patients
Alexander Turchin Investigators, clinicians
Carol Wysham Academic societies
Karen Graffeo Patient advocates
AKM Khyrul Wara Patients
Arthur Cheng Patients