BESTMED Data at a Glance:

  • De-duplicated T2DM population of 5.4 million patients
  • Median age of 60 years old
  • 48.6 percent female
  • For those patients reporting their race, 70% were Non-Hispanic White, 19% Non-Hispanic Black, 6% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 3% Other
  • Race/ethnicity was not available for 48% of patients
  • 34.9 million HbA1c measurements
  • 258.3 million diabetes medication records
  • Comorbidities:
    • ASCVD  40.2%
    • Heart failure 18.1%
    • COPD 13.3%
    • NAFLD NASH 8.2%
    • COVID-19 (patients with history of a positive lab test) 13.6%

Types of Collaborations:

  • Analyze existing BESTMED data
  • Acquire additional data from the BESTMED network for analysis
  • Acquire additional data from outside the BESTMED network for analysis

Advantages of Collaborating with BESTMED:

  • Access to a multi-site network with nationally representative EHR and claims data
  • Robust and secure data infrastructure that enables seamless data integration and de-duplication across multiple sites
  • Cutting edge analytics, including causal inference, machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics
  • Flexible study leadership model (external or internal to BESTMED)
  • Collaborative planning and query development
  • Centralized administration across network sites
  • Integrated infrastructure and analysis
  • Privacy-preserving de-duplication methodology (by Datavant)